Back to basics

Originally posted 16th March 2020 Isn’t it interesting to watch how us humans are reacting to the Corona crisis. We are told there will be loads of food, don’t panic. Yet there is panic. Experienced people from other countries are saying stay away from each other, yet the pubs were packed before they had to be closed.

Here is the funny thing though. If you ask most people what they would do if they had more time, they would say – quality time with family, read more, rest more, exercise more, play the family games that gather dust most of the year, clean out the cupboards etc.

We are being handed the chance to get back to basics, to slow down our busy lives.

As for the down sides – like juggling home working and kids, not seeing the grandparents, worrying about our jobs –

1) Breathe, take it one day at a time. 

2) Use technology for its benefits – let it entertain the kids when you are on an important work call, use it for education, use it to have “zoom” parties, let it bring us closer together.

3) use this chance to dig out all the toys the kids don’t normally have time for in their busy lives. Lego, play doh, all that crafting stuff. Work your way through it with them.

4) home working with kids isn’t going to be perfect. No one will judge you if your child walks behind you on camera. Our CEO’s 6 year old came into the room when he was on a call the other day. He introduced every one of us to her. It was adorable and so human ❤️ (he is male BTW)

5) if you are worried about your job or your business. Use this time to plan and get advice. Now is the perfect time to get creative. Constraints make us more resourceful.

If anybody would like some free coaching to get through this, I have some amazing classmates who have spaces left. We can coach over video calls, so no one needs to leave their house

Let’s pull together, we can do this

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