Putting the Roar into HR

Originally published December 2018.

I was delighted to be asked to speak at the annual DisruptHR Dublin event in Arthur Cox solicitors in October.

There were a number of reasons I said yes to this. 

Firstly, I believe in out of the box HR that can really add value to the people in an organisation – and I love talking about it!

I was keen to spend time with other disrupters and discuss great HR topics with them. 

I adore sharing the RiM story wherever and whenever I can. 

And finally, it’s a great opportunity to get out of my comfort zone. I used to be petrified of speaking in front of small amounts of people. Over the years I have worked hard on this fear and tried to turn it into a competence. DisruptHR took it to another level: 5 minutes, 22 slides that change automatically every 15 seconds and 2 cameras filming the event. What could go wrong?……

I was terrified so it felt like the fastest and longest 5 minutes of my life! What stands out to me now, is the outstanding support I received from the organisers, the other speakers, colleagues, family, friends etc. My talk was about putting the RRRRRR into HR and to do this we have to put the “Human” right back into HR.  To bring it full circle the human support, kindness and encouragement I received enabled me to perform better, be kinder to myself and learn more from the experience.

I challenged the attendees to raise the perception of HR. Where we have a seat at the table. Where we are the heartbeat of the organisation, where we have the freedom to create great places to work – where career passions and dreams can be realised every day. 

So, today I finally got to see the video. I watched it through my fingers…..then created my next public speaking goal……to say “emmm” far, far less!

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